Update on the Sodium Balance research

By Roohi Chhabra (Renal SpR ST6)

The project is going well. We have collected fresh and effluent dialysate samples from 105 haemodialysis patients and have measured its sodium concentration (using indirect potentiometry/lab method). Dietary assessment of sodium intake has been assessed using food frequency questionnaire scores, which has been completed by all patients. Thirst scores and distress scores have also been recorded. In addition, all patients have completed a distress symptom questionnaire. As part of volume assessment, all patients had pre and post dialysis bioimpedance. Pre and post dialysis serum sodium has also been measured.

With regards to preliminary results, we found that the dialysis machines are very accurate in terms of delivering the prescribed sodium concentration in the dialysate. With regards to effluent results, we have found that 19 patients are gaining sodium as a result of treatment, 21 are in even balance and 65 patients are losing sodium. This is based on preliminary analysis.

Next steps:

We now plan to measure pulse wave velocity for all patients as a measure of arterial stiffness
10 patients with positive sodium balance and 10 patients with negative sodium will have sodium MRI to determine tissue sodium content (The MRI coil will be ready in two months’ time). Flame photometry will be used to measure effluent sample sodium concentration to determine total sodium concentration

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