Travel Costs

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG)

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) are responsible for the local hospital funding policies and will be able to tell you what you may be able to claim for.
You may be able to claim a refund under the “Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme” (HTCS) of the cost of travelling to hospital or other NHS premises for NHS-funded treatment or diagnostic test arranged by a doctor or dentist:

If you are on entitled benefits or allowances you may be able to claim for use of a private car and parking charges (where unavoidable). The Hospital will tell you the mileage rate. It is recommended that you check with the Hospital before travelling.

Blue Badge Scheme 

Gives concessionary parking for people with severe mobility problems.  You qualify automatically for a Blue Badge if you are registered blind or if you qualify for Higher Rate of the DLA mobility component.  To apply for a Blue Badge contact your local Social Services Department.  Your local authority is responsible for deciding whether you are eligible and may ask you to undergo a mobility assessment:


London Congestion Charge

There is 100% discount for Blue Badge holders.  Registration of your car initially costs £10 and must be registered with the Transport for London (TfL) ten days before travelling. NHS patients who are clinically assessed as being too ill to travel to an appointment on public transport may be eligible to claim a reimbursement of the Congestion Charge from their treating hospital.  Be sure to keep your receipt so that you can reclaim. 

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Vehicle Excise Duty (car tax) exemption 

You can apply for exemption from paying vehicle tax if you are a Blue Badge holder:

Disabled Persons Railcard

The Disabled Persons Railcard is for people with a disability that makes travelling by train difficult.

You would need to provide proof of your disability as evidence of your eligibility with your application.

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If you do not qualify for a Disabled Persons Railcard, you may qualify for another type of Railcard, such as:

  • Senior Railcard                   – anyone aged 60 or over
  • 16-25 Railcard                     – anyone aged 16 to 25 or in full time study
  • Family & Friends Railcard – anyone travelling with one child or more
  • Two Together Railcard      – two named adults travelling together

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