Transplant Assessment

Kindey Transplant PatienKidney Transplant Patient Informationt Information

Learn about the benefits and risks of kidney transplantation, with some information from the Royal Free London renal team.

Every patient who is being assessed for transplantation at the RFL and is active on the transplant list needs to come to their transplant assessment appointments. Why? It is important for you to understand what having a transplant involves and that you are aware of the different types of kidney you might be offered. Giving you this information ahead of time allows you to think about what you might decide when you are told about the kidney you will be offered when your transplant offer happens.

Please look at these innovative short Royal Free London renal team videos. You may want to look at them a few times and get your friends and family to view them too. It may help them and you understand better what a transplant is all about.

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