Successful tea party

Thank you for a most successful tea party Although our Summer Garden Tea Party took place in June last year, we haven’t had a chance to show you the pictures of the people who attended because we haven’t had a Newsletter since then. The pictures show how much they all really enjoyed the event. So look out for details of this year’s summer tea party so you don’t miss out.

This year we enjoyed some ideal weather and the atmosphere was great. Our KPA reps must have been hard at work as we had more patients than we have had for years. The tombola was a riot thanks to the efforts and hard work of Nalini and Mamta (Vandana Sharma’s sisters). They collected £298 plus we had donations of £20 for one of our Sainsbury vouchers and £18 in donations for food items. This produced a grand total of £336.

Some of the food was brought in by members of the committee. Our expenses amounted to £256 including the cost of hiring the North Bank itself, £113 for food and tableware. £43 for the samosas and bhajis. So we had a net “profit” of £80.

We must give a special mention to Jill, Fiona, Louis and Linda, all of whom worked hard. Nii took the photos.

Janet played the piano again and was given flowers by Jill as a thank you for Janet’s generous ‘donation in kind’. Jannice performed her usual face painting and was given some wine after the event finished. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves – the weather helped as the children especially spent most time in the wonderful garden grounds of the church. Thank you to everyone who helped and to those who attended as even if you cannot help with the physical stuff, it is still good to have people there to talk to patients – some of whom were new to the RFHKPA and glad to ask questions of more knowledgeable people. A number of patients told me they felt happier about their future after speaking with members of our committee.

Thanks to all – see you next year.

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