Royal Free surgeon’s link to online presentation

Reza Motallebzadeh is a kidney transplant surgeon and scientist based at Royal Free Hospital and UCL. His research aims are to understand why and how transplants get rejected by the body’s immune system. He has teamed up with UCL engineers to develop a novel device that recipients can use at home to monitor the function of their transplant. This will allow earlier treatment of rejection and hopefully lead to longer survival of patients with a working kidney transplant.

He presented some of his fascinating research at a “Science Showcase” online event on 17th June 2021, run by the UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering (IHE).

For more details of the event, including videos of all the presentations, please click the following link to the UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering (IHE) website:

Reza’s presentation is in the second video (for Thursday) on IHE’s website. He is the last of the speakers and his talk starts at 40 minutes 40 seconds from the beginning.

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