RFL renal inpatient treatment during the junior doctors’ strike

Dr Sally Hamour, Divisional Clinical Director Nephrology, Urology, Transplantation at the Royal Free, has provided the RFHKPA with the following information on the actions that they will have to take to continue to run the renal inpatient service during the junior doctors strikes.

As in previous strikes, many clinics will be cancelled as consultants are redeployed to the wards.
We will not be able to accept renal transfers from other hospitals (with a few exceptions).
Our renal transplant service will be reduced to named patient offers only.
Our inpatient service will be reduced. It has been very difficult to find cover with many people on annual leave etc. Despite this many colleagues have offered to work on the weekend and have changed family plans etc. However, the cover is not at the level we would wish, hence the changes above.
We felt it was important that the KPA is aware of the impact that this ongoing dispute is having.

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