Renal Advice Services

Citizens Advice Camden Renal advice Services provide generalist advice and support in the following areas:

Welfare Benefits
 Benefits Check and Eligibility Criteria
 Maximisation of Income
 Forms Filling
 Benefits Appeal up to first tier tribunal

 Repairs
 Anti-Social behaviour
 Suitability of accommodation
 Overcrowding
 Homelessness
 Housing Reviews

Debt and Money Advice
 Liability for debts
 Overpayment and Arrears
 Grant Applications (financial help with utility bills)
 Referral to debt agencies for casework

Health and Community Care
 Adult Social Care Services
 Access, Assessment and Eligibility
 Complaints and Appeals
 Transport and Travel Schemes
 Prescription Costs

Charitable Applications
 Domestic white goods
 Travel costs to hospital
 Further Education and Training
 Holiday grant for kidney patients and carers

The above list is not all the areas they cover, it is just a snapshot of the most common areas of work.

Patients can be referred by medical staff to them at:

with their contact details and brief information about why they need services. The patient will be contacted to arrange an appointment at one of the outreach locations, Tottenham Hale or Mary Rankin Dialysis clinic.

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