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Welcome to our RFHKPA website. We’ve just mailed out a letter to nearly 10,000 patients who are coded as Royal Free renal patients so many of you will be new to learning about what our charity does. Thank you for going to the trouble of completing our application form for confirmation of your membership to our association. It’s the only way we can keep in touch with you and pass on any important information that in particular the renal team need to tell you about.  Essentially, we are here to provide help and direct patients with concerns in the right direction to where they can get answers. We are also able to provide financial help to patients with hardship problems. And we organise social events for our members throughout the year, once circumstances allow us. You will see there is an awful lot of kidney information to be found on this website.

This is me

For those of you who don’t know me, I am life president of the RFHKPA and have been involved with this charity for more than 20 years, initially as treasurer, then as chairman and trustee. I’ve recently finished three terms (nine years) as a governor and a member of the Royal Free Council of Governors. I currently chair The Royal Free Organ Donation Committee

I was a haemodialysis patient for nine years before I had my first deceased donor kidney transplant 22 years ago. I had a live kidney transplant in September 2018 as part of the pooled kidney donor exchange scheme with thanks to my wife, Martha, who took part in the scheme. You can read the whole story (on pages 6-8) by clicking on the following link:

What a year!

It’s been an incredible year for many renal patients. Like many of you, I have been seriously locked-down as I am an extremely vulnerable clinical patient and even though I’ve now had my two vaccination jabs, I am still expecting that I will need to play safe for some time to come. We are all now living a new kind of life where it’s not worth taking any risks because however wonderful the benefits of vaccination are, none of us are 100% protected!

Thanks to the NHS

We’ve all been aware what an incredible job everyone involved with the NHS has done during this terrible period and I have been in awe of so many of our Royal Free staff, especially our renal doctors and nurses, for the role they have played.

Find out about what your KPA can do for you

During this last year our KPA has been largely invisible to most kidney patients for obvious reasons. Our KPA reps have not been able to visit the hospital or any of the satellite units. So that has meant many newer kidney patients will be unaware of the benefits that can be accessed from the KPA. I hope as you look at the many items that can be read on this website that you will get a good idea about what we do.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can send me an email to:

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