Opportunities to help your KPA

Our registered membership is growing, due to the letter sent to you by the Renal Department. This is a request from us to all of you for much needed help. As you are aware our committee meetings are now on Zoom. Usually, on the first Monday of a month at 6pm until 7.30pm. We would be pleased to welcome new members. What we need are fresh ideas both for fund raising and plans for social events once we are able to meet up once more.

In particular some of our roles are now too much for one person. So if you are a budding accountant or frustrated secretary we need you. Our treasurer would like some help and we also require a secretary/minute taker. We are also looking for people to help with our website and our new Facebook account. If you are able to help us with any of these, please contact us by email on:


Fuller details on other ways to help out can be found at the following link:

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