RFHKPA Organisation

The RFHKPA (the Charity) is run by members of the Charity. Usually patients, family members and medical staff.


There are between 5 and seven Trustees who are chosen from among the membership at the AGM. These Trustees manage the Charity and make decisions on hardship cases.

Trustees must hold at least  3  meetings each year.  At their first meeting after the AGM they will elect a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary of the Charity (the Officers of the Committee).  Trustees may act by majority decision.

Trustees are assisted in running the Charity by members of the Charity or interested parties who are willing to join a general Committee to help fulfil the objects of the Charity.

The Committee shall meet at least 6 times annually and is empowered by the RFHKPA Constitution to manage the affairs of the Charity and to take such actions as may be appropriate to further the Objects of the Charity.

Committee Meetings

These are usually held on the first Monday of every month in the RFH at 7pm.

However, due to the current situation with Covid-19 precautions our meetings are being held online for the foreseeable future. Members are encouraged to join our Committee meetings which are usually held on the first Monday in the month. Currently our meetings take place via Zoom starting at 6.00 pm until 7.30 pm.

If you would like to become a member of the Committee please send an email to:


and login details will be sent to you.

Please join us and see how you can help.

Officers of the Charity

As well as a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary there are other officers who are chosen from amongst the membership. These are Vice-Chair, Membership Secretary and an NKF Representative.

Any member may put themselves forward to become an officer or a Trustee.

Patient Representatives

The Royal Free Hospital and each of the satellite units may have a Patient Representative (“Rep”) .

The Reps are a contact point for all the patients in their unit. They will collate any comments or questions and pass these on to the Committee. The Reps also work with the Committee to help organise and support the RFHKPA’s events.

Reps may sit as members of the Committee, if they wish.

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