From PatientView to Patients Know Best

The current PatientView service allows you to access your latest blood test results online from the Royal Free renal unit computer system.

PatientView is transitioning to “Patients Know Best (PKB)”

This new system offers patients and their professional teams advanced features and functionality including increased security, care planning, team-based messaging and an ecosystem of integrated wearable and monitoring devices to support clinical transformation.

If you currently use PatientView (PV), your record will stop being updated with data in 2023. Kidney patients wanting to continue to access test results and communicate with their care teams need to join PKB.

Your existing data in PV will be ready to view in your new PKB record.

Your local kidney centre and UK Kidney Association control when your data can be seen in PKB. PKB shows the data as soon as it is received.

For more information on PKB, including how to register, please click the link below, to their website:


This is a link to a description of the current Patient View service on the RFHKPA website:

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