Free transport for Non-emergency patient transport (NEPTS)

The NHS in England today annouced that every patient who needs kidney dialysis will be entitled to from free transport to and from vital hospital appointments. New rules will also come into place to make it simpler for other patients to get free transport, including those with long term conditions and mobility problems.

NHS England has made a new commitment to improving transport to dialysis. Dialysis transport will be free to everyone who wants it, or you can choose to travel your own way but receive your travel money back very quickly. Waiting times and quality of services will be monitored and published.

The new propodals have been released on transport to and from hospital, which includes people on dialysis in kidney units. It’s often called ‘non-emergency patient transport’ or NEPTS but to the 21,000 of you on dialysis it’s the way you get to and get home from your treatment. This is the first time that the NHS has reviewed transport for many years and it is much-needed.

NHS England groups will start to implement the new guidance fron April 2022.

For more informayion please click on the NHS Link below:

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