Dealing with power and water supply problems on Home Dialysis

A number of patients have raised questions, below, about Home Dialysis, particularly APD (Automated Peritoneal Dialysis) in the event of a power cut.

What will happen if the power cuts, which may happen this winter, actually become a reality? What happens if the patient is on dialysis when the power cuts out, how do they take themselves off the machine and if it keeps happening how will this affect their dialysis?

The Royal Free’s Lead Nurse, Home Therapies, has produced a patient information sheet, “Actions to take if APD Treatment is interrupted by a Power cut”.

This is included below as a document in PDF format:

We have also received, from Baxter Healthcare Corporation, (who provide the “Homechoice Claria APD System”) their Claria Troubleshooting Guide. This is referred to in the Royal Free’s document, above. It does include actions to take in the event of a power failure, as well as for a variety of other potential problems,

This Troubleshooting Guide is included below as a document in PDF format:

There is already advice on this RFHKPA website on how to register with utility providers if you are a vulnerable patient/have to rely on power and/or water for machinery. Please note that all of the providers offer different help and advice.

Thames Water, for example, work with Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks and UK Power Networks to help customers benefit from free support during both power cuts and water supply interruptions.

This is a link to that information:


There are other sources of financial support available relating to power and water supplies. Please click the link below for more information:

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