Chairman’s Update – Nii Plange

RFHKPA Chairman Nii Plange

Chairman’s Report to the 2023 Annual General Meeting of the RFHKPA.

2023 presented us with problems and challenges from the start as our unit reps were allowed into the units after a long pause from 2020. The three years pause had accumulated new patients with a mixture of issues and problems.

Membership of RFHKPA

You will all know that membership to RFHKPA is an issue that we keep repeating. It may be that new patients don’t know of our existence but there are many of you who know about us because you have benefited from the Association one way or another. My message to those patients who are aware of the good work that we carry on, please tell your fellow patients to apply for membership.  All patients are entitled to be members of the RFHKPA but if you don’t apply to be a member, then we don’t know about you.

The association can signpost patients to areas of support and assistance when the need arises. There are many occasions when patients come to us, when a small problem has become a serious one. If you come to us early, we may be able to assist you better.  From 2020, patients who have registered with the association will be given priority, as they have consented for the Association to contact them and chosen their communication preferences.  To join RFHKPA you can register here

Thanks to all those who have helped in various ways to support the association. Thanks to all our donors for helping us to provide benefits for our fellow patients. And special thanks to all our consultants, nurses, dieticians, pharmacists, admin staff and support workers for helping us on our journey to a better quality of life.

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