Benefit Entitlement

This section contains links to other websites. The RFHKPA cannot accept responsibility for the information they provide. The summaries included here are taken from the other websites for guidance only. Any changes to these benefits, over time, will be also be available through the links provided for each organisation.

Many Kidney Patients or their carers face financial difficulties – this is not unusual or surprising.  Before seeking a grant, or other help from a charity, check to see whether you have yet claimed all the benefits available from the State or other sources.  Check what benefits you may be able to get.  Below are brief guidelines on some of the benefits you may look for.  You may need individual advice from qualified Advisors to be sure that you are claiming correctly, as when claiming for some benefits, you may lose others.

The benefits currently available are summarised in this section, together with links to the relevant websites.

Please note that these benefits may be subject to changes in the future.